TOP 10 Nail trends for SS/2018

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TOP 10 Nail trends for SS/2018

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The manicure is the bussines card for a women and it has to be perfect. Nowadays nails complete the outfit and it has to fit the personality. That’s why you have to know nail trends. Every season comes with new trends, new colours and new models. So does the spring-summer 2018 season. There are models for every kind of women, from classy to extravagant.



  1. Red nails 




Every women has a shade of red. It’s classy, it’s elegant and it’s always on trend. So don’t be afraid to wear it.



  1. Neon colours



The spring comes with a variety of neon colors for every one of you. Orange, pink, blue or green. With these colours you will be for sure in the spotlight.




  1. Metallic nails art



This one it’s perfect for bussines women, but not only. The metallic nails are very trendy in the new season, soyou can wear it with no fear.



  1. Line art nails



If you love minimalistic art then this is perfect for you. Just a line, or a couple of lines on one or many nails will make you look like you are on a runway.



  1. Nude nails 



Between all the colours and patterns, nude colours has its own place. Even if it’s pink nude, simple nude or clear is still on trend in the new season.



  1. Abstract nail art



New season comes also with an abstract nail art. In pastel colors you can make what shape do you want.



  1. Flower nail art



Are you the romantic type? This is just for you. New season trends come with flower nail art. Even if there are only petals or the entire flower you will wear the spring on your nails.



  1. Rhinestones nail art



The excentric girls have something special for them. The rhinestones are in trend in the spring/summer season 2018. So you can wear it with no problem.



  1. Glitter 


If you want your manicure to be special you can put some glitter on it and you will get out of anonymity. It’s elegant and trendy.


  1. Logo or writing



If you like quotes or if you are a big fan of a brand I’m sure that you are happy to hear that one of the trends of the year is to wear the logo on your nails.



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