5 reasons why wearing heels is unhealthy

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5 reasons why wearing heels is unhealthy

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Give a woman the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world. Marilyn Monroe really meant it when she said that. Wearing high heels makes a woman look beautifull, attractive and sexy, but is a fact that is an unhealthy habbit.

I love shoes as any woman does. And i love shoes with high heels. Higher is better. They make me look better, prettier (or at least is what i think), they  make me more confident and give me the feeling that i can really conquer the world.

There was a time when i was wearing high heels all day long. Almost 12 or 14 hours a day. Even if i was at work or i was going out with my friends, i wasn’t wearing anything else. Only when i was staying at home i was wearing slippers. But the rest of the time i was always on heels. I did this for years. But i never think if  can be harmful in any way. I couldn’t accept wearing them as a bad habbit.

At some point i’ve heard some rumours  how wearing heels is an unhealthy habbit. At that point i start digging to find out if this is true or not.

What i found out it didn’t make me happy and i stopped wearing heels so many hours a day. Now I want to share with you how harmful they are for our health.




  1. High heels can cause osteoarthritis



Did you know that woman are twice as likely as man to develop osteoarthritis? This is because women wear high heels. Osteoarthritis is a pain inside the joints. The pain in the joints is commonly started from the knee’s joint, thigh, hips and backbone.  A Harvard Study found that wearing two-inch heels places 23 % more strain on the inner knee than wearing flats.




  1. Favors the development of varicose



Wearing high heels keep your leg in some kind of tension. This tension make the blood vessels pinch. Which may lead to varicose.




  1. Favors the appearance of bunions



When you wear high heels you are walking on your tip toes. This will lead , in time, to change the feet structure. High heels don’t promote proper foot posture and can cause bunions, hammertoes and nerve damage.




  1. Heels shorten Achilles tendon



A study released by The Journal of Experimental Biology, in 2012,  shows that over time, heels can tighten and shorten your Achilles tendon, leading to muscle spasms and pain. Another study made by British researchers reveal that wearing heels on a daily basis shorten the Achilles tendon with 13% from normal.



  1. Can cause knees problems


According to some health research, the pressure on the knees increase with 26% when a woman is wearing high heels. This can cause serious knees problems.



I hope this reasons are enough for you to think twice when you want to wear high heels for too long.




photo: www.hdwallsbox.com


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I love how heels look, but I do not like how uncomfortable they are. It makes me glad I don’t wear them.

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Looks like you’ve really done your research! Thank for sharing!

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Love this!
You can add to it they are a hazard once you’re a parent and are carrying around a baby/little kids! Plus they make my feet hurt LOL

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Really good to know!! Thanks.

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ah! Guilty as charged! I do love my high heels and I also agree that they can cause so many health issues but I simply cannot resist! Osteoarthritis and knee pain is a chronic issue to us ladies, but we just love our pradas dont we?

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