5 signs that shows the baby is ready for solids

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5 signs that shows the baby is ready for solids

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Diversification should start at 6 months as the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommend.  At 6 months baby is ready for solids.Until then, the baby need exclusively milk, breastmilk or formula.   Before this age, the digestive tract of the baby is not mature enough to handle solid food. Anyway to start giving solids to an infant can be tricky and you don’t have to rush it.

Even if your baby is already 6 months, it may not be ready for solids yet. As a mother, i always wondered if my baby is ready or not for diversification. There are a few signs that you can easily observ and shows you if the infant is ready or not.

How do you recognize this signs? It’s simple. American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) made a list to help us .




  1. Can hold the head up


If your baby can hold his head up by his own it’s a sign that he’s ready for solids.




  1. Can stand supported or by himself



The baby need stay in a feeding chair when you start introducing solids. If he is able to sit, it’s another sign that he is prepared for solids.





  1. Is interested in your food?



Your baby is watching with some kind of interest when you are eating and it’s curious to see what are you doing and to taste food? Then definitely you should start diversification.




  1. Has gained a healthy weight


Most babies are ready for solids in the moment they already doubled their weight from birth. This happends around 6 months.




  1. Wants to chew



Have you seen what your baby does with his mouth? He already has the reflex to chew? He open he’s mouth when he sees a teaspoon? If he does, then you can try give him some food.



If your baby is 6 months and has all this signs, you should start planning to introduce solids , but not before you have a doctor’s recommendation.


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I really enjoyed this article! I have 3 children and my youngest is 7 months and I have struggled with the question of whether he is ready to try food or not because he is breastfed! This is very helpful!

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Aww I remember feeding my little ones their first bite of pastina…they loved it! Just a touch of butter and salt (hey I’m italian, it’s what we do lol) and they were smitten. Before that, I would add a little rice or oatmeal baby cereal to their formula (just a little) to get them ready for solids. Great tips!

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Informative! I usually started solids after they started taking food off my plate, so maybe a little late in the game!

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