Are you pregnant? Look what food to avoid during pregnancy

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Are you pregnant? Look what food to avoid during pregnancy

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Having a healthy diet is very important in daily life, but during pregnancy this is vital for both mother and baby. It is known that future-to-be mothers have to eat nutritional food, but there is also a list with foods to avoid during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a very important moment in a woman’s life. Besides the fact that there are countless changes taking place during pregnancy, you have to take care not only of you, but you have to take care of your unborn baby too. That’s why you should be careful what you eat and drink, and what food to avoid during pregnancy and what food helps the baby to develop.



1. Raw meat



As pregnant woman you should avoid eating raw meat or undercooked meat. The reason to do that is that consuming this kind of meat increase the risk of infection from several bacteria or parasites, such as Toxoplasma, E-coli or Salmonella.





2. Raw eggs



Eating raw eggs can be harmful for pregnancy, because they can be contaminated with Salmonella. That’s why you should avoid eating foods that contain raw eggs.





3. Raw fish



A lot of raw foods are prohibited during pregnancy and fish makes no exception. Raw fish, Sushi or sea-food undercooked can cause several infections with Listeria or Salmonella.. Some of these infections can affect the mother, some can affect both the mother and child, or even they can lead to miscarriage.



4. High-mercury fish



Fish is very healthy and has high nutritional value. Still there are few types of fish you should avoid due to its high levels of mercury, such as shark, sword fish, king mackerel or tuna.





5. Unwashed fruits and vegetables



If you are pregnant, you should avoid eating unwashed fruits and vegetables, because they may be contaminated with bacteria or parasites.





6. Unpasteurized milk



Unpasteurized milk or products made from it it’s on the list of food to avoid during pregnancy. The raw milk can contain harmful bacteria such as Salmonella, E-coli, Campylobacter. An infection with these bacteria can put in risk the life of the unborn-baby.




7. Soft cheese



Another type of food you should avoid during pregnancy is soft cheese. If you are a fan of cheese as brie, camembert, gorgonzola or Roquefort you should wait until you give birth to consume them, or to eat them cooked before.





8. Liver



Liver or products that contain liver are very high in Vitamin A. That’s not a bad thing, but during pregnancy it’s better to avoid the or, at least, not to eat very often, because too much Vitamin A can harm the baby.




9. Alcohol



Alcohol is prohibited during pregnancy because it increasing the risk of miscarriage and stillbirth. Also, even a small amount of alcohol can have a negatively impact over your baby’s brain development. Alcohol consumption during pregnancy can lead to developmental disorders on your baby such as fetal alcohol syndrome, heart defect or mental retardation.




10. Caffeine



Caffeine is not prohibited during pregnancy, but you still shouldn’t consume too much of it. Apparently, caffeine can lead to miscarriage or can relate with a low birth-weight in babies.  Still, you can have a cup of coffee a day or you can eat chocolate if you want to.



Having well-balanced meals is very important all the time, but it’s even more important when you’re pregnant. Taking care of your health and your baby’s health it should come first. That’s why is very important to take care of what food to avoid during pregnancy.







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