Baby walker – a dangerous choice

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Baby walker – a dangerous choice

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First steps are very important in baby’s life and a memorable moment for the parents. Because walking means that your baby is growing and finally starts to become more independent, parents want to help by giving her a baby walker.


The moment when your baby starts to walk is one of the most beautiful moments in a parent life. You are waiting for this moment since the day your infant start crawling. From the moment she stood up until she start walking on her own, the baby need assistance all the time. That’s why parents buy baby walkers, because they think that will help the baby walk faster. But, in fact, this is not happening.


Research shows that walkers do not provide any advantage to a child’s development. They do not teach infants to walk or help them walk sooner than they would without one. Baby walkers can even delay the walking process with almost a month. Walkers helps baby to move around before they are really ready to do it. This can cause a delayed muscle control or unusual pattern movements.


American Academy of Pediatrics do not recommend the use of walkers for babies because of the high risk of injuries and a bad development of the baby. In addition to decreasing the desire to walk by providing an easier alternative, walkers strengthen the wrong muscles. The lower legs are strengthened, but the upper legs and hips become relatively weak. The upper legs and hips are most important for walking.


The American studies show walkers can discourage the child of walking on his own. While using the device, the baby can’t see the movement of the legs and can’t control it. This can lead to a delay of starting to walk on her own.


A baby that used a walker, in order to help her move around, will walk on the tip-toes. After they start walking like this, it will be very hard to teach them to walk in a correct way. This may lead to abnormal development of muscles that help walking and that can cause problems in the future.


Baby walkers are also, dangerous because they give babies extra speed, extra height and access to the dangerous areas for them, such as a hot oven. At the same time, babies can fall very easily and got injured.


In Canada, since 2007, the government banned baby walkers due to the high risk of accidents that happened while using the device and due to the high number of kids that got injured because of it.


Even if you think that a walker will give you more time for you and you can let the baby moving around in it, in fact, she needs more attention because there is a high risk of injuries that can occur while the baby is using a walker.


Pediatricians from all over the world think that walkers are unsafe and should be banned. For this reason you should think twice before buying a baby walker.


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