Cravings during pregnancy: myth or reality?

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Cravings during pregnancy: myth or reality?

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Ice cream, chocolate, pickles….Most of the women are experiencing cravings during pregnancy. But are they real or is just a myth?

Pregnancy is an amazing time in a woman’s life, but it, also, comes with a lot of changes. First, it starts with high hormones levels and cravings, till the end when you experience back pain and discomfort. Finally , it will change your entire life when your baby is coming in this world.



When it comes to cravings during pregnancy, personally I didn’t experienced it and I always thought it is just a psychological thing. And it’s not just me who thinks this way.



Besides my friends that didn’t experienced cravings during pregnancy either, there are studies that show that cravings during pregnancy are just a cliché. Researchers at SUNY Albany wanted to see where all the cravings are coming from. If it’s there is any caloric benefit for the prenatal health or not. Apparently, they didn’t find out any link between health and calories in expectant women because cravings are appearing to soon in pregnancy. And they came to the conclusion that cravings are only a myth and pregnant women are just eating what they usually don’t.



Another study says that cravings during pregnancy might be an effect of the high level of hormones or stronger emotions surrounding food. Also, any kind of nutritional deficiency can cause cravings. When your body needs any vitamin or mineral, then you crave to eat something that has that vitamin. But this happened to everyone, not only to pregnant women.


There are cultural factors, as well, that can influence cravings during pregnancy. For example, women from Europe have different cravings to women from America or from Africa. A study shows that most common cravings among Tanzania’s pregnant women are mangoes, oranges, meat and yoghurt, while women from Europe or America don’t crave for mangoes. Instead, they crave for sweets, chocolate, pickles, soft drinks or any traditional food.



Anyway, it doesn’t matter too much if cravings during pregnancy are real or is just a myth. The most important thing you need to consider is the unnecessary weight gain during pregnancy that is unhealthy. It can lead to serious health problems, bigger discomfort, losing the self-confidence and a harder recovery after birth. Also, it might be really difficult to get rid of those extra kilos you gained during pregnancy.



In conclusion, the fact that if you crave for pickles you will have a boy, or, if you crave for sweets you will have a girl, is just a cliché. But, this is a field that need more research to find out what is really happening during pregnancy and why the cravings for different foods are making their presence to the most of the expectant women.





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