Home remedies and treatment for colic in infants

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Home remedies and treatment for colic in infants

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Colic in infants is a common problem.  Every mom knows that this period is one of the most difficult periods in motherhood. Seeing that your little one is in pain and being unable to help her is a really hard thing to do. Fortunately, there are a lot of home remedies and treatments for colic. You just need to see what is good for your baby. Anyway you should know that you’re not alone and all this will pass in couple of months and you will completely forget about it.

Colic can be very stressful for parents and for baby and looking for home remedies and treatment for colic is a thing that urge to do. Because every child is different it may take time until you find the right one that works on your baby.






          How do I know my baby is crying because of colic?


If your baby is crying many hours a day (more in the evening and night) and a few days in a row even if she is fed, rested and with clean diaper then you may consider that is in pain because of colic.  Another sign of colic is when your baby is pulling the legs and clench her fists while crying.




           When colic appears?



Usually colic appear in the first three weeks of life and it lasts until 4 or 5 month of the baby. It can also appear later, but it’s less probable. Colic use to appear more when the mother used to smoke in pregnancy.





          Why colic appears?



The reason why colic appears is uncertain and controversial. It can be caused by the air trapped in the stomach, general fussiness, emotional stress or an undeveloped gastrointestinal tract. Fortunately there are many treatments and remedies for colic that you can try until you find the perfect one for your infant.






          Home remedies and treatments




          1. Warm bath


A warm bath might help to ease the pain of your baby. Because it substitute the environment from the womb, the baby start to relax and feel comfortable and secure.




          2. Warm towel



You can’t let you infant stay all the time in the water. That’s why you can replace the bath with a warm towel placed on the tummy. This will help relaxing the muscles and release the gas. Apparently this is an effective treatment for colic in infants.





          3. Tummy massage



Another natural remedies is tummy massage. Massage gently the tummy in circles around the navel.  Do the massage clockwise. This will relax the muscles and ease the pain.





          4. Do bodywork



Try to do bicycle with her legs and also bend the knees and softly press the tummy. This exercises will help the baby to realize easily the gas from the stomach.






          5. White noise



Because emotional stress can be a reason for colic, you should consider to create a relaxing atmosphere for your little one. I know it might sound weird, but the noise of the vacuum, hairdryer, or even of the waterfall can calm the baby miraculously. These kind of sounds mimic the noise that babies hear in the womb making her feel secure.





          6. Baby burping



One of the easiest remedies and treatments for colic is to help the baby burp. Releasing the gas will help the baby to calm down and soothe the pain.





          7. Rocking the baby



Rocking gently the baby can make wonders. This natural remedies will take them back to the moment when their mother first walked and make them feel safe.  Just move the baby forth and back. Another way to calm down the baby is to walk her with the stroller on a rough terrain.





          8. Refine your diet



If your breastfeeding your baby you should refine your diet because this can be reason why your baby has colic. Try to give up food like cauliflower, broccoli, peas, bean, potato, chocolate and even coffee. Also, you shouldn’t consume fizzy or sparkle drinks or spicy food.

If your baby id fed with formula you should consider to change it.




          9. Car ride


Babies love to ride the car and most of the time they fall asleep immediately. If your baby is not calming down you can take her for a ride.





          10. Try probiotic


Besides of all remedies and treatments the one with probiotics work great. Probiotics help to improve the functioning of the digestive system and will help to soothe the colic pain.





These home remedies and treatments will help you sooth the colic pain in infant. If none of these are working go talk to a pediatrician and ask for medication. You can combine the home remedies with the treatment from the doctor for better results.











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