How to get a perfect tan -7 tricks to get a dream bronze

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How to get a perfect tan -7 tricks to get a dream bronze

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Everyone knows that a tanned skin makes you look better, sexier and hide a lot of our body flaws. But to get a perfect tan is not always an easy thing to do.

I love summertime not only because of the weather, but because my skin start to look as a milk chocolate. I’m a big fan of tanned skin and I want to have a natural tan for longer time.

I know that nowadays there are a lot of ways to be tanned all the time, but the best way to get a perfect dark skin is the classic way, the bath sun. Also, is important to do it in a healthy way. A darker skin is always beautiful, but can cause a lot of skin problems and you have to be aware of it.

There are some tips to get a perfect tan and to keep it for a longer time.   And I think that everyone should know it.





          1. Exfoliate your skin



Before you decide to go get a tan , you should consider to exfoliate your skin using a scrub. Doing this, you remove the dead skin that can block the sun rays that will get you a great color of your skin.




          2. Moisture



First of all, having a moisture skin will help you obtain the tan you want. The sun will dry your skin and it can cause an uneven tan. You can use a moisturizing sun lotion. This will help not only have a soft and silky skin, but to tan even faster.

Don’t forget to moisture your skin, before and after you got your tan, for a longer resistance.




          3. Move around



To get a perfect tan you don’t have to stay in only one position. The last thing you want is to have different colors on your body. That’s why you need to move around, to make sure you expose to the sun every part of your body. Flip at every 15 or 30 minutes and make sure you stay the same time on your tummy or on your back.





          4. Don’t use perfume or make-up



I know sometimes is hard to give up on your beauty trick, but this is a moment when you have to. Using perfume, deodorant or make-up can leave traces on your body and you can get an uneven tan.





          5. Wet your skin



Time to time you should go to swim or just wet your skin. This will help you to cool your skin from heat and also will help you get a faster and even tan.




          6. Use protection



Even if you don’t have to use perfume, you have to use sunscreen lotion with at least 15 SPF. You want to get a perfect tan, not to get a sunburn and damage your skin. You can use a lotion based on olive oil or coconut oil. It will help you get a tanned skin faster.




          7. Shower after



Taking a shower after sitting in the sun is a must. In this way you will remove the oil, lotion, salt or sand and the bronze settle on your body. Also, don’t forget to moisture your skin after the shower. You can use an aloe-vera lotion that will help to sooth your skin.





Now that you know what you have to do to get a perfect tan, you’re ready to go and stay in the sun. But don’t forget that even if you want to get a perfect tan fast, you always need time for great things and you need to do it in a healthy and in a responsible way.











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