Natural remedies to get rid of dark circles under eyes

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Natural remedies to get rid of dark circles under eyes

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We all happened to wake up in the morning and see dark circles under eyes and not know how to hide them. Dark circles under eyes can affect everyone, no matter the age, the style or the gender. There are many reasons why they appear: stress, lack of sleep, unhealthy lifestyle, heavy party, or even hereditary.


Dark circles, as well as a bad hair, can destroy your appearance, the beginning of the day or a date. Beside the fact that we can hide them with make-up tricks, fortunately there are many ways to treat them too.



          1. Cucumber



Cucumber is a natural astringent that will lighten the skin and it will help to get rid  of the dark circles under eyes. Just put a cold slice of cucumber on each eye and let it stay for 10 minutes.





          2. Tomato and lemon



Tomatoes are high in lycopene, a substance that help to create a softer skin. Also, can decrease the dark circles under eyes.

Lemon is known for its capacity to whiten. Combining tomatoes with lemon will have an excellent result. Just mix tomato juice  with lemon juice, put on a cotton ball and then apply under eyes for 10 minutes.




          3. Potato



Potatoes are extremely healthy due to the high levels of Vitamin C and is often found in various natural remedies. In this case, grate a potato, extract the juice and soak a cotton ball in it. Put under your eyes for 10 minutes.




          4. Green tea



Green tea is known for the high level of antioxidants, but also have anti-inflammatory effects. Dip 2 tea bags under the water and then put them in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Place them under eyes and let it stay for 10 minutes. Try to do it daily until you see an improvement.





          5. Coconut oil



Coconut oil is very good in moisturizing the skin and also lightens it. This is why, coconut oil is an effective way to lighten the dark circles. Apply a drop of oil under your eyes, massage gently and leave it overnight.




           6. Honey



Honey has a lot of antioxidants which helps the skin to be softer and brighten. Apply some honey under your eyes, leave it for 15 minutes then rinse. Do it several times and the dark circles will disappear in no time.




          7. Baking soda



Apparently, baking soda is good for everything. Due to its capacity to lighten the skin and its anti-inflammatory effects, it will help with the dark circles too. Mix a tablespoon of baking soda with a cup of water and soak a cotton pad in it. Put it under your eyes for 15 minutes then rinse.




          8. Milk



In Antiquity, queens used to bath in milk to keep their skin young and smooth. Because milk is rich in Vitamin A, which is great for skin, diminishes fine wrinkles and dark circles. Soak a cotton pad in cold milk and put it on your eyes for 15 minutes. Then rinse with water.




          9. Vitamin E oil



Vitamin E is great for hair and skin. It rejuvenates the skin and it fights with signs of aging. Massage under eyes with a drop of vitamin E and let it overnight. In the morning rinse with water.




          10. Castor oil



Castor oil help to regenerate the hair and the skin and it helps to reduce the dark circles under eyes. Apply a drop of castor oil under the eyes and leave it overnight. Do it every night for a while.



All these tricks come to complete a good sleep and a healthy lifestyle. You must use them everyday for a while, until you see an improvement.


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