Oana Marcu: “Playing alongside Armand Assante was a dream come true”

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Oana Marcu: “Playing alongside Armand Assante was a dream come true”

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Beautiful and talented, but still shy, Oana Marcu is a young actress who conquered the Hollywood. Even if she is still at the debut of her career, she already played alongside Emmy awarded actor Armand Assante in an amazing horror movie.

I met Oana in the spring of 2018 at the premiere of “The Wanderers:The quest of the demon hunter”. Then I discovered a young, extremely talented and modest actress who attracted you through the magnetism that exudes. Then we talked about various topics; from acting to life experiences. I’ll let you discover Oana in the interview below.




Adanye: Hello and thank you for accepting this interview.

Oana Marcu: It’s my pleasure.



Adanye: Tell me, please, it was your dream since childhood to become an actress?

Oana Marcu: No, not at all. When I was a child I dreamed to become a police officer. I even worked hard for it. I’ve done like 7 years of martial arts. At some point, I was thinking what to choose army or police. These were the possibilities. But, when I had to choose the high-school I wanted to go to Arts High-school at painting, but in the end I ended up in a normal high-school.



Adanye: How did you discovered acting and what made you go to an acting school?

Oana Marcu: In my 11th grade, I met a guy which mother and sister are actresses and I began to go very often to the theater. Actually his mother is the one who prepared me for University. Watching a play I started to think that I can do this too (to play). But then I said that I will go to the theater with my police coleagues, since I realized that I won’t have with who to go see a play. At that moment, I decided to go to The Theater University. I called Razvan and he put me in contact with his mother. The was with an year before I finished high-school.


I entered at 2 Universities in two different cities: Iasi and Cluj, but I chose Cluj because it inspired me. After that, I came to Bucharest for master studies.



Adanye: You chose to stay in Bucharest or it was just faith?

Oana Marcu: I think it was faith. I started to go to auditions, I  got a few jobs here, I had already friend’s here. So I stayed.



Adanye: What do you think is more challenging for an actor: film or theater?

Oana Marcu: I don’t know what is more challenging for me. But I want to have a balance in my career between those two.  I think theater is a bigger challenge, because everything is live. Every rehearsal, every show is different. I’m trying to make everything different at every rehearsal. I’m bring something new,  going to extremes, because I want to find the key of the character, its balance. But depends a lot of the director.



Adanye: You already had you debut in the movie industry alongside important actors from Hollywood. How was this experience for you and how you achieved such a big goal?

Oana:  Actually, I had an exam when I found out about the audition. I was studying a lot and I didn’t sleep a night before audition. I got a call and at first, I wanted to decline and I asked them if I can go another day. But in the end, I went to the audition. I knew is a about a feature, but nothing more. I memorized the text in 5 minutes and the first three lines were: “Hello, hello, hello”. And it was exactly what I said when I arrived there.

I left the audition and in short time I got a call form Dragos Buliga (the director) and told me that I need to come back. At first, I thought it’s about taking some pictures, but he told me that I got the part and we need to talk about details.

It was unreal for me. I didn’t tell my friend or my family until I signed the contract.



Adanye: Do you think that the text you had at the audition was a sign?

Oana: I think that part was made for me.



Adanye: Did you know from the beginning who will be your partner in “The Wandereres: The quest of a demon hunter”?

Oana: I had no idea. One day, I went in Buftea, for fitting, and the driver asked me if I met my partner. This is how I found out that Armand Assante will be my partner. When I found out, I started to freak out because I was a fan of Armand in my childhood. I’ve seen ‘Odyssey’ like 5-6 times and I adored him. It was like a dream come true.



Adanye: How was your first meet with Armand Assante?

Oana: You can realize how stressed I was. When I found out that I will have a first rehearsal with Armand I started to panic. I studied very well the script and I got on set an hour earlier, but Armand was already there. I was really scared.

In our first conversation, he told me that for him the most important thing is connection. It doesn’t matter if he’s talented, or his partner, if is no connection between them. Of course I started to worry and to wonder if we have such thing. But then I went to take my soda, and when I came back he had the same bottle. In that moment he told me “See, that’s connection”.



Adanye: “The Wanderers: The quest of a demon hunter” was really successful at the international film festivals and won a few awards and you were invited as special guest. How was this experience for you?

Oana: I suppose you are talking, first of all, about the Garden State Film Festival from New Jersey where I was in March. I was impressed, because the audience was very interested in the movie. After the projection from Paramount Theater, we had a Q&A. It took almost an hour and a half. I was very nervous because I didn’t know there is going to be a Q&A. But at the end of the movie they invited us on stage and the audience was very excited. What I liked there was that people were really listening.



Adanye: Have you seen any difference between the international audience and the Romanian public?

Oana: Yes, of course. But, I think the reason for that is the developed culture they have when it comes to film industry. I think they are more interested in movies and actors. Or, at least, they look like this.



Adanye: Being present at the international film festival helped you in any way? Did you get any offert to play in other Hollywood productions?

Oana: Yes, I did. Right after the movie, there were a few interviews with the guests and I got in touch with a scriptwriter. We talked about an action movie called “12 bullets”. Now we are talking and I’m waiting to see when do we start.



Adanye: Did Armand Assante give you any advice?

Oana: Yes. He told me to continue my work and stay focused on my career. Do not deviate from the road that I started, because there are many things that can distract you from work today, and as an actor you have to be always prepared. If you’re getting ready every day, when you come up with a proposal, you’ll be ready to get it done.


Adanye: What inspires you?

Oana: I never understood this thing with inspiration. You can’t wait to be inspired. If I have some free time, I study scripts, I repeat texts I have worked in the past, I search for new texts. I think that’s the inspiration. And from people, of course. As an actor you can not stay indoors, because you have no way to extract your information.



Adanye: How a young actress spends her free time?

Oana: It’s really difficult when I have free time, because I’m not used with such thing. Usually I draw, I ‘m making sketches. I have a few friends, but good one and I hang up with them. I’m going to my parents where I recharge my batteries. I like to swim. My personal life is kind of boring.



Adanye: Do you have any project you work on right now?

Oana: I’m doing a short with a friend. We were talking one night and we had this idea, because we wanted to do something together. We called a few other friends from media and they helped us with what we needed.



Adanye: What is this short about?

Oana: It’s about a break up. But I will tell you more when we’ll finish the project.



Adanye: What future plans do you have?

Oana: I never did a plan like “in five years I want to be in I don’t know what country and play with I don’t know what director”. I’m trying to meet people at the film festivals. Even in New Jersey I’ve met Xander Berkley from ‘The walking dead’. We are talking about a project we want to work on together.

But since you asked me about my plans, I want to go to America to work for a while. And to come back with fresh ideas. I want to work with experienced people.



Adanye: Do you think you will come back to Romania?

Oana: Yes, I think so. Acting is a career that involves the language and it’s much easier to play in your mother language.



Adanye: Have you ever thought to do something else beside acting, in film industry? Like directing or writing scripts?

Oana: I didn’t, but I started to write after I saw a documentary that inspired me. It’s much harder than I thought. It wasn’t planned, it just came out.



Adanye: Do you have any actor or director you would like to work with?

Oana: Yes. I would really like to work with director David Linch, but I do not know how to do that. After watching Twin Peaks I was very impressed by his work.

And as an actor, I would love to play with Jim Carrey. He inspires me.




Adanye: Where we can see you?

Oana: Now I play at the theater in Pitesti in Antigona, where I play a contre-emploi role that helped me a lot to develop, as well as in the “Goat Island”. I will also start a project called “The Pitesti Experiment” which is a challenge for me.



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