Paul Moldovan: “They want me in LA as quickly as possible”

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Paul Moldovan: “They want me in LA as quickly as possible”

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The life of a professional dancer is truly full of rhythm and color. Paul Moldovan, the dancer you know from shows such as X Factor, The Voice or Next Star, performed alongside music legends. Beside to stunning the Asian audience with his choreographies, this summer he danced in the American film ‘High Strung 2’. Paul had the pleasure of telling us more about dancer life and all that involves collaborating with famous artists.


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Adanye: Hello Paul! Thank you for this interview!

Paul Moldovan : Hey. The pleasure is all mine!



Adanye: How did the passion for dancing came to life?

Paul Moldovan : I remember when I was just a little boy, I didn’t like to dance at all. I was too shy. When I had celebration at the kindergarten or even in the primary school, I was the last one who get up from the chair to dance (even then, raised by colleagues). But, at the first prom in high-school, I watched a local street-dance band “In Action Bistrita” performing on stage and that was the moment that made me fall for the dance.



Adanye:  Have movies like ‘Honey’ or ‘Step Up’ influenced you in any way in choosing this career?

Paul Moldovan : Yes, i was watching all of the street-dance movies and even shows like ‘America’s Best Dance Crew’ with great interest. After that, I started looking for the crews that were participating in that show on Youtube and so on. I watched a lot of videos with dancing, although if I have not yet attended any dance classes yet.



Adanye: When did you decided is time to take it serious and go to take some dancing lessons?

Paul Moldovan : After I was 18 years old and I could not play Basketball in the junior league of the city, I decided to make a change, so I tried for the first time to take dance classes. The courses I took were at the same dance band that fascinated me for the first time, “In Action”.


dancer, choreographer


Adanye: Usually, dancing is a hobby. What was the moment when you decided that passion should become a career?

Paul: For me was a hobby too, for a long time. I was preparing to become an engineer. I never thought I will transform this passion into a career. The moment that made me took this decision was in the 3rd year of University when I started an internship for a company in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. I didn’t liked it, even if a had everything you might want: nice co-workers, nice boss, big office, flexible schedule.

Then I realized I hate to work in an office and I couldn’t imagine my life doing this. So I decided to move to Bucharest, because is the only city where a dancer can develop.



Adanye: You said you used to be shy. How was your first experience on stage?

Paul: First experience on stage with an artist was in 2014, at the event Transilvania Music Event. Then I danced with legends of the ’90 as Snap!, Loona, Nana, IceMc. I’ve never been so excited in my life. I think that moment helped me take the decision of moving to Bucharest.



Adanye: You were both a dancer and a choreographer for Faydee. How did you get to work with him?

Paul: In January 2017, Rares, the other dancer of Faydee, called me on the phone. He told me that he’s looking for a dancer and that Faydee saw my pictures and videos and he would like to have me in the team. The first concert was in Dubai. I couldn’t believe it. I just came back from Los Angeles and after I finished X Factor I didn’t had too many jobs. Being gone for 5 months in LA I lost all my contact. And of course, I accepted his proposition.

About choreography, Faydee launched a lot of songs while I was working with him. At some point, he told me that we need to go next day to a morning show and we didn’t had anything prepared for the song. So, we went to Faydee’s place and we started to create a choreography. Everything went good and from that moment, nobody questioned who is going to take care of Faydee’s choreography.


dancer, choreographer


Adanye: What did this experience represent to you?

Paul: It was very pleasant. Dancing on stage my own choreography is nice and easy.(He laugh) As a dancer it can happened not to be very comfortable with the moves you have to do or not to like the style. Well, while I danced for Faydee, I didn’t had this issue. Plus, it was the first time when thousands of people could see my work. Telling you this, I just realized how important this is.



Adanye: I know you are currently dancing in China. What made you go so far?

Paul: Desire to experience something new. I always enjoyed traveling and I was never so much in the heart of Asia. Plus, I’ve heard from friends who made this invitation that life is very good in China. I said to try.



Adanye: What is the difference between artists and audiences in China compared to those in Romania / Europe?

Paul: The audience here is easier to win because they are very fascinated when they see foreigners on stage. However, they express their enthusiasm much harder. Although the desire to manifest is seen on their faces, they are waiting for you to show them that they can clap their hands or scream. I think this has to do with the fact that it is still a communist country.

And about to the artists here, they have the privilege of reaching a country of 1.38 billion inhabitants. Residents with more restricted access to Western culture because all social networks are blocked, including Google and Youtube. This is of great help to the colossal fame of the artists here.


dancer, choreographer


Adanye: You were also gone to the US. How was the experience there?

Paul: In the US, I was gone twice. First time from the summer of 2016 until November. During this time I only took dance classes in the most famous dance studios in the world: Millennium Dance Center, Movement Lifestyle, Debbie Reynolds, etc. During this time, I found myself very much as a person. I realized I was capable of a lot more stuff than I actually think. And, although it was quite a difficult time, because I left alone in such a different and immense country, I managed to transform this into the most beautiful experience of my life.

And the second time I was in April 2018, just for a month. We went for a small vacation, after 6 months of living in China. But this holiday turned out to be much more than I expected, because during this time I heard of a casting for a talent agency, called MSA. It’s the biggest in Los Angeles.

I said that i should try. Anyway, I had nothing planned that morning. I participated at the audition. I was very shocked to see that more than 600 dancers gathered. But not as shocked as I was when, in less than a week, I received an email from the agency that I had passed the audition and that they wanted me in LA as quickly as possible.


dancer. choreographer


Adanye: So you’re planning on going to America? Do I want to stay there for good or do you want to come back to Romania at some point?

Paul: If everything goes well, I’ll set myself there. I like more people’s mentality, lifestyle, opportunities you have. Romania is beautiful, but at this moment I really do not see a future there anymore.




Adanye: What does a normal day look like in a professional dancer / choreographer’s life?

Paul: It depends on what activity you have at the time, in my opinion. In principle, it relies on many hours of rehearsals, strength training and teaching or attending dance classes.

But there are times when I really do not want to do anything but to sit in bed and watch the series. (he laughs)



Adanye: What does a dancer need to do to collaborate with international artists?

Paul: To work a lot. Here I am not referring only to dance skills, but also to your look, charisma, teamwork, etc. It is very important to be a pleasant person and to do your job well every time you have a small job. Many of the opportunities that arise in your career come from recommendations, not just auditions. That’s why it does not matter just how you dance. It is necessary to carve your character.


dancer, choreographer


Adanye: What is your favourite dancer and / or choreographer?

Paul: I have too many people who inspire me. Today I’m following a famous dancer, tomorrow I find another one no one knows about, but has something I like. Sometimes I do not even have to like a dancer or choreographer to inspire me, but just to have a small element that attracts me and I would like to learn it too.

But not to answer the question without even giving a name, I say Karon Lynn (choreographed a little for Rihanna, danced for Justin Timberlake and many others), and his classes are always full of energy.



Adanye: Where do you get inspired when creating a choreography?

Paul: I never try to inspire myself when I want to create a choreography. I even avoid seeing any choreography on the song I want to co-create, not to be involuntarily influenced by it.

The inspiration comes from the vibe of that piece, from the countless courses I have made and from the countless choreographies I watch daily.



Adanye: What artist would you like to work with?

Paul: Ariana Grande … in a maximum of 3 years from now on.





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