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Reach the sky

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You’ve heard very often that the sky is the limit, but for some people that’s not true. They just make from the sky their playground. This are stunt pilots from air shows.

This weekend I was with my family to an air show and my son just felt in love with the planes and that is because we saw there pilots dancing on the blue sky , some of them were drawing with their jets on the same blue sky. We’ve seen also parachutes that looked like fireflies and helicopters that make tume in the air. The biggest attraction was junting planes flying at fantastic speed and making line planes look like snails. It was really impressive for all of us.

And some of the pilots have loved my son and they took him to take pictures with hunting jet planes and he was really excited.

Nato aircraft were brought to the show as well, US Air Force, F 16, F21 and many others from several countries.

Even if you’re afraid of  heights like me you are starting to wonder what is like to be up in the air and make all the tricks. These guys are absolutely incredible. I realised that they are some sort of super-heroes because a normal people can’t do what they do.

This amazing show made the adults wish to be up there and the children see that is not impossible to reach the sky.

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