Honored by the American Independent Film Festival, actor Sebastian Stan returns to Romania after 14 years. Although he has conquered Hollywood and has millions of fans around the world, Sebastian is a humble and jovial man who has a very close relationship with his fans. Known for the role of Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier performed in superhero movies or for the role of Gossip Girl, the Romanian actor has never forgotten his native country.

Radhu, on his real name, Radu Dobirceanu,  is the only cumbia singer from Romania that is very famous and loved in Latin America. But, he is a young man that had a dream and worked hard until he made his dream come true. For me, Radhu is more than that. It is a model of perseverance, ambition and strength as you rarely meet. Besides, I have the honor of calling him friend for many years!



Adanye: Hello Radhu! Thank you for accepting this interview.

Radhu: Dearly! Thank you for your interest!



Adanye: Have you always wanted to become a singer?

Radhu: I didn’t want to be just a singer. But i wanted to be an artist, because i had many messages to send! I like playing, painting, writing poems just as much. But I think in the music I express best!


Adanye: Tell me about your beginning as an artist …

Radhu: You are born artist! I am an artist since i was born. Artist by vocation and artist by profession! Beginning as an artist … let’s say the discovery of the genre i identify best with! Cumbia! In 2005, at a national radio, thanks to colombian Wilmark. I can say he has the one who launched me and believed in my music more than any other romanian at the time!



Adanye: How would you describe the road to success?

Radhu: Ambition, will, then talent! Many have talent, but not many transmit their message!



Adanye: Did your parents support you to follow your dream?

Radhu: Lately, yes! When they saw results. When they realized i was successful over the ocean!



Adanye: Have you always been a fan of Latin music?

Radhu: I’m Latin, I’m Romanian! I’m proud of it! YESSS! I love latino, live latino, sing, dance, everything LATINO! 🙂




Adanye: Have you ever thought of coming up with another musical style?

Radhu: I approached, surely yes! I also made the music for Disney! But i feel dull without my latin music ! I need something tropical!



Adanye: What was the hardest time in your career?

Radhu: I think when the superficial people did not know how to choose good quality music with positive messages! When I saw myself on shows with different nulities that did not realize they were public and did not realize they were responsible to our society! Through my messages of life, family, love I try to educate the young audience, the children. Because they listen to me and they are the future! And it deserves something of quality. Because we all get to their own hands!



Adanye: There were times when you wanted to quit?

Radhu: No, never!



Adanye: If you could change something or do things differently, would you do that? And would  you change?

Radhu: I would change the cynicism of showbizz! Kidding! I’m lucky to sing what i like!



Adanye: How did you get to be so famous in Mexico?

Radhu: Well, they realized i was the only romanian artists who sing Mexican music! And they felt flattered! But I also dreamed of it! And I worked. I worked, I worked, and here it is!




Adanye: Who is your idol?

Radhu: Julio Iglesias! And my lead in life is Laura Zapata! She formed me as a man and an artist!



Adanye: What do you think is the key to success?

Radhu: Ambition, charisma, to be different from all the others. Do not compromise. Let others be the same, you be different!



A: What should your fans know about you?

R: The world should know that i am a simple, life-loving man who would not self-destruct. A positive man who wants to bring through his artistic messages joy, hope, fulfillment, a colorful stain and a lot of love that represents the energy that helps us evolve spiritually!




A: What plans do you have for the future?

R: I plan on getting more and more new songs and performing concerts in as many countries as possible in this world! 🙂 I want to go to Argentina, where i am known from Mexico, and make some songs there too!



A: What advice do you have for our readers?

R: To love themselves and listen only to their intuition!



Here you can listen Radhu’s latest song