Teething: Natural tricks that helps ease the pain

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Teething: Natural tricks that helps ease the pain

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Fussiness, sleeplessness, more crying, less eating…have you seen all these signs on your baby? All these are teething symptoms. Your baby is in pain and I know how hard is too see your little one suffering. But hopefully there are many natural teething remedies that will help soothing the pain of your baby.

Teething period is a rough time for both mother and child. The pain caused by the apparition of the teeth is awful and even the happiest and relax kid can turn to be agitated. I even heard that the pain caused by teething is so painful that a grown man could barely bear it.

Between 3 months and 3 years teeth can start to come anytime. They make their presence felt through the appearance of symptoms like excessive drooling, inconsolable crying, chewing or biting, decreased appetite, swollen and sensitive gums.

I’ve found some natural teething remedies that will help soothing the pain of your baby. Just try them and see what fits your baby most.



Your finger



The most effective remedy is your finger. Applying pressure on the gums apparently helps to soothe the pain.





Cold cucumber slices



Cucumber is known for its anti-swelling properties. Cut the cucumber and put it in fridge for 30 minutes then give it to your little one to chew it.




Cold carrot




Cut it in such way your baby can handle it and let her play with the carrot as long as she needs.




Frozen washcloth



It’s cold and rough. Exactly what your baby needs to smooth the teething pain.




Frozen breast milk



You can freeze around a  pacifier in a cube tray or you can make a popsicle with your breast milk. This natural teething remedies will definitely will help soothing the pain.





Frozen pacifier




This works for a lot of children. Just soak it in water and freeze it.







You can make popsicles by yourself from natural, organic fruit. Is a healthy snack for your baby and also is  good to relief the teething pain.



Frozen banana



Just give your baby as a snack a frozen banana to play with. You can put it in a mesh feeder too.




Chamomile tea



Chamomile tea is anti-inflammatory. You can soak a washcloth is tea before freeze it. Or, you can froze it and give it to the baby to play with.



Ginger root




Peel a ginger root and rub the gums of your baby with it for a couple of minutes. Its anti-inflammatory properties will help relieve the teething pain.




 Wood teething toys



The pressure that the wooden toys put on the gums when baby bite them relieves the pain for a while.




Frozen teething toys



You can find these toys everywhere. Just freeze the toys and let them comfort your baby.





Teething gel



There are plenty on the market and you need to find the one that works on your baby.



Bath time



If the baby is really fussy just try to distract her with a warm bath. Playing with water will help to forget about pain.







Breastfeeding is the most natural way to calm down a baby and relief its pain. If your baby is crying inconsolable just try to nurse.




Let me know what worked better for your baby.















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