The summer of festivals

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The summer of festivals

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This summer is announced to be a summer of festivals. The summer just began and already we have in Romania, two big festivals in the bigget parc, Herastrau Parc, from Bucharest.

One is celebrating childhood, but also with the help of a time machine took us from nowadays Bucharest back to the interbellic city and trough the music and actors interpretating popular characters. They edited even a newspaper like it was in the interbellic period. It is an amazing opportunity to learn more about that days and live for short time in the air of that beautifull times.

The children festival was animated by several shows that took place on many stages that were located in the whole parc, shows made by The Comic Opera for children. In the alleys of the parc you could see people on stilts, princess, aliens, happy kids who bring a lot of joy …just like in fairytales.

At the same, if you love the adrenaline, you could live a great experience by flying with a hot air balloon. Not far away, but enough to see how it feels up there. The children had the chance to express their creativity by painting or creating different things in special locations. It couldn’t be missing a big carousel and the tramboulines.

Atfer all these shows and activities for sure you were hungry, then you could go to the other festival that took place in the parc: the Food Truck Festival and try some Italian street food, cuban food, spanish or, why not, some American burgers. You had there everything you wanted. Even sweets, coffee, beer or wine.

The first weekend of this summer was a busy one, but this festivals bring together the entire family and it was a great opportunity to spent amazing time next to the dear ones.

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